Science Fair - FAQ

Who does science fair at Nicolet? 

Anyone at Nicolet can participate in science fair, but one class (Biology 9A) incorporates science fair into its curriculum. Thus, students who take Biology 9A will be required to complete a science fair project. Students not enrolled in Biology 9A but who want to participate in science fair may take the class Science Seminar as a way to complete a project. Science Seminar does not meet during the school day- instead, students find time to talk to the course instructor (Mr. Scheuer) after school throughout the development of their project. 

Why is science fair a part of the Biology 9A curriculum? 

Although students learn about the scientific method in class, science fair is the only chance students have to try it out for themselves. Participating in science fair allows students to partake in real scientific research or engineering on a topic that interests them. Science fair provides students with a better idea of what a career in scientific research or engineering would entail, as well as providing other learning opportunities, such as improving public speaking skills, writing a scientific paper, and completing a several month long project. 

Who competes at the Nicolet Science Fair, BSSEF, and ISEF? 

Any student enrolled in Biology 9A or Science Seminar must compete at the Nicolet Science and Engineering Fair. Only Nicolet students compete at this fair. The top eight projects (approximately) from the Nicolet fair compete at finalist judging for spots at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). These best three projects will win an all-expense-paid trip to ISEF where they will compete against students from around the world. The top twenty to twenty-five projects from Nicolet will move on to compete at the Badger State Science and Engineering Fair (BSSEF) where they will compete with students from the state of Wisconsin. The top three projects at BSSEF will also move on to ISEF. 

How can parents get involved with science fair?

Parents can become involved with science fair in a number of ways. Parents could offer to be a judge at the Nicolet Science and Engineering Fair (on a Saturday in February), offer to be a mentor to a student, or donate to the science fair. The state science fair (the Badger State Science and Engineering Fair, BSSEF) also takes volunteers for judging and running the fair, and is in need of funds as well.