Science Fair - Parents

Parent Presentation 

How can parents get involved with science fair?

Parents can become involved with science fair in a number of ways. Parents could offer to be a judge at the Nicolet Science and Engineering Fair (on a Saturday in February), offer to be a mentor to a student, or donate to the science fair. The state science fair (the Badger State Science and Engineering Fair, BSSEF) also takes volunteers for judging and running the fair, and is in need of funds as well.

What can I do to help my child with their science fair project?

Students often need motivation to start working on their science fair projects. Although beginning a project can seem daunting, it is a lot easier to begin early than rush to finish at the end. Encouragement and reminders to work on their projects early can help students a lot. If your student needs help, encourage them to come meet with their teacher or the science fair mentoring club after school or during resource period. Most importantly, do not do your child's project for them! If a student does not do his/her project themselves, the judges will be able to tell and the student will not gain an understanding of the scientific method. 



Nicolet student Nancy Gao presents her research at ISEF