The primary goal of the Science Department is to develop scientifically literate students who are capable of rational thought and action. Such students develop the attitudes, process skills, and concepts of science necessary for meeting the intellectual, ethical, and social goals of education. It is expected that these students will develop an understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe and how these laws apply to both physical and biological systems, an awareness of the manner in which science and technology affect the quality of their environment, and skills and attitudes that will enable them to protect and improve the environment, not only for the present, but also for future generations.

As a result of the acquisition of these skills and understandings, the student:

A. should be able to plan his or her educational, vocational and personal goals;

B. should be able to use methods of scientific inquiry effectively to solve problems;

C. should understand his or her physical and social environment and relationship to it;

D. should develop an appreciation for the contributions of science to our world;

E. should recognize the roles of mathematics and technology in scientific endeavors.


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Shea, James Biology Teacher Science Email (414) 351-8257 Web site
Husman, Suzanne Physics Teacher Science Email (414) 351-8255 Web site
Deering, Stephanie Science Teacher Science Email (414) 351-8233 Web site
Houck, Jeff Science Teacher Science Email (414) 351-8285 Web site
O'Brien, Kerry Science Teacher Science Email (414) 351-8242 Web site
Pierzchala, Kelly Science Teacher Science Email (414) 351-8298 Web site
Quam, David Science Teacher Science Email (414) 351-8252 Web site
Rhude, John Science Teacher Science Email (414) 351-8256 Web site
Richter, Sarah Science Teacher Science Email (414) 351-8254 Web site
Schroeder, Mike Science Teacher Science Email (414) 351-8254 Web site
Winkle, Andi Science Teacher Science Email (414) 351-8299 Web site