Nicolet Theatre Presents:  Nevermore! Edgar Allan Poe – The Final Mystery by Julian Wiles

In October 1849, Edgar Allan Poe is reported to have boarded a steamer in Baltimore Harbor for an overnight voyage to New York City. He never arrived. Five days later, Poe was found delirious on a Baltimore street and died soon thereafter. What transpired over those five missing days has remained forever a mystery... until now. This imaginative play, utilizing the macabre stories and poems of one of America's most celebrated writers, ponders what might have happened to him on the dreary nightmare voyage at the end of his life. Filled with masterful illusions and disappearances, Nevermore! keeps audiences on the edge of their seats from the first curtain to the final denouement.


Augusta Byrne • Benji Cohn • Zachary Ellner • Jennifer Emond • Sarah Fleming •Maddy Folstein • Gregory Frijia • Dylan Hall • Amanda Jacobs • Stephen Johnson • Morgan Johnstone • Morgan Karl • Kevin Karl • Morgan Kornitz • Marissa Lockhart • Sydney O'Hare • Sona Perlin • Brandon Poll • Gabe Rosenthal • Tony Scotton • Emire Sewell • Carli Shapiro • Audrey Simon • Cezanne Smith •Kristina Webb • Max Wilson • Signe Wright


Maya Abu Ali • Anna Arenas • Arielle Bordow • Craig Carey • Jack Clark •Tianna Cochran • Lili Du Plessis • Zoe Eiseman • Christopher Flick • Libby Geboy • Amanda Gullickson • Kailey Gullickson • Jonathan Ish-Shalom •Samantha Johannes • Evan Johnson • Thomas Johnson • Marina Johnstone •Elaine Knaus • Katy Lane • Yair Macagon • Maya Magaña • Emily Manning •Wayne Martin • Gabriella Morice  • Aslynn Orozco • Alison Reikher • Anna Sanders • Alyssa Silverberg • Hannah Stoffield • Erin Wathen • Madelyn Welter •Jake Zimmermann




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