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Name Title Group Email Phone Web site
Bradshaw, Teresa Academic Success Center Paraprofessional Support Staff Email (414) 351-8177 Web site
Paschke, Diane Accountant Support Staff Email (414) 351-7547
Ericksen, Pamela Accounts Payable Support Staff Email (414) 351-7543
Howard, Tammie Administrative Assistant Counseling Department Email (414) 351-7550
Macon, Chris Administrative Assistant Support Staff Email (414) 351-7561
Noto, Jeanne Administrative Assistant - Attendance Support Staff Email (414) 351-7532
Kuzma, Tom Administrative Assistant - Business Office Support Staff Email (414) 351-7545
Lee, Amy Administrative Assistant - High School Office Support Staff Email (414) 351-7523
Schwartz, Daisy Administrative Assistant - High School Office Support Staff Email (414) 351-8290
Reinhart, Lori Administrative Assistant - Principal Support Staff Email (414) 351-7522
Schlidt, Cindy Aquatics Coordinator / Recreation Supervisor Recreation Email (414) 531-SWIM
Leeson, Patricia Art Teacher Art/Photography Email (414) 351-8158 Web site
Schmidt, Becky Art Teacher Art/Photography Email (414) 351-8140 Web site
Anderson, Mora Assistant Principal Administration Email (414) 351-7533 Web site
Beard, Mae Assistant Principal Administration Email (414) 351-7524 Web site
Brooks, Nate Assistant Recreation Director, Assistant Athletic Coordinator and Webmaster Recreation Email (414) 351-7568
Weingarten, Shelly Assistive Technologist Support Staff Email (414) 351-8274
Krychowiak, Kirk Athletic & Recreation Director Athletics, Recreation Email (414) 351-7567
Tazalla, Renee Athletic Administrative Assistant Athletics Email (414) 351-8145
Purdoff, Marissa Athletic Trainer Athletics Email (414) 351-8154
Susedik, Kristin Behavior Support Teacher Special Education Email (414) 351-8276 Web site
Shea, James Biology Teacher Science Email (414) 351-8257 Web site
Richards, Sherry Business & Information Technology Teacher Business Email (414) 351-8159 Web site
Bohn, Donna Business Teacher Business Email (414) 351-8162 Web site
Kania, Michael Business and Technology Teacher Business Email 414-351-7591(Office) --- 414-215-0726(Cell) Web site
Rinehart, Kate CD Teacher Special Education Email (414) 351-8277 Web site
Rinka, Robert CD Teacher Special Education Email (414) 351-7569 Web site
Shea, Lori CD Teacher Special Education Email (414) 351-7534 Web site
Sheridan, Tina Captionist Special Education Email (414) 351-7541
O'Connor, Jennifer Choral Music (long-term substitute) Music Email (414) 351-8171 Web site
Tomlin, Jennifer Choral Music Director, AVID Coordinator, AVID 10 Elective Teacher Music Email (414) 351-8171 Web site
Artero, Jeff Counselor Counseling Department Email (414) 351-7556
Carter, Olivia Counselor Counseling Department Email (414) 351-7557
McKenna, Michael Counselor Counseling Department Email (414) 351-7560
Tilley, Steve Counselor Counseling Department Email (414) 351-7558
Raad, Nader Counselor & Department Leader Counseling Department Email (414) 351-7562
Shane, Don Custodial Supervisor Support Staff Email (414) 351-7572
Dellutri, Jeff Director of Business Services Administration Email (414) 351-7548 Web site
Reiels, Brian Director of Facilities Services Support Staff Email (414) 351-7546
Ignatowski, Anne Director of Student Services Administration, Counseling Department, Special Education Email (414) 351-8169 Web site
Turner, Brenda Director of Teaching and Learning Administration Email (414) 351-8245 Web site
Reiels, John Director of Technology Administration Email (414) 351-8164 Web site
Kobylski, Robert District Administrator Administration Email (414) 351-7525 Web site
Thiel, Adam Engineering, Technology & Design Instructor Technology Education Email (414) 351-8165 Web site
Melik, Amy English Language Learning Support Staff Email (414) 351-8228
Brown, Scott English Teacher English Email (414) 351-8286 Web site
Byrne, Minda English Teacher English Email (414) 351-8166 Web site
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