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Sociology - Social Studies Elective

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6/2-6/4: girlhood guide sheet

NPR Interview with Liz Garbus, girlhood documentary film maker

6/1 Deviance: Statistical Analysis


5/25: Garland Hampton guide sheet

5/25: Garland Hampton article
This article was used to introduce students to our final unit on deviance

5/20 "Protect Wisconsin from northern invasion"
Students will read and discuss this piece from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

5/19: Exam Review

5/18: Follow Up to "FIght in the Field"

5/14-5/17 Cesar Chavez and Migrant Farm Workers: video guide

5/12-5/13: Fishbowl grp work on AZ Immigration Law
Students must pick up article packet from Ms. Santacroce

5/12 Analyzing Print Documents

5/11: Willie McGee follow up questions

5/10: My Grandfather's Execution by Radio Diaries
Students listened to this audio file in class on 5/10.

5/10: "The Echoes of an Execution Reverberate Loud and Clear "

5/6-5/7: Race, Ethnicity and Migrant Farm Workers

A Class Apart: A Mexican American Civil Rights Story
Students will watch this documentary on 5/4 and 5/5.

Chapter 14 assignment on race and ethnicity
this assignment was passed out on Fri 4/30 and is due Fri 5/7

4/27-4/29: SAT Video

4/28 Extra Credit: Dr. Prince Bio
Dr. Prince will be speaking, as a part of the MEPA Senior Awards, from 6-7 PM in the D-Wing Library on Wed 4/28. Students may receive extra credit for attending.

4/26-4/27 data analysis

4/23 and 4/26 Notes on Race and Ethnicity

4/23 John Francis
This is the clip I tried to show in class of John Francis. Dr. Francis refused to travel using motorized vehicles for 22 years after witnessing an oil spill in San Francisco Bay.

4/19-4/21 census data analysis

Accelerated Assignment: Book Analysis
handed out in class on 4/16, due 5/18

4/14-4/16 Fishbowl Discussion on Poverty

4/12-4/13 Conclusions about social class in the U.S.

"Country Boys": Timeline for viewing video
For those who miss class, this will help you know what sections of the documentary will be covered in class and which will be skipped. This is not perfect and is a result of Ms. Santacroce trying to keep track of time and section while watching the documentary.

"Country Boys": Guide Sheet and Follow up questions
The guide sheet will be completed in class on Fri 3/26, Mon 3/29, Tues. 3/30, and Wed. 3/31. The follow up questions are due on Wed. 4/14.

"Country Boys"
We will watch excerpts from this PBS Frontline documentary over several days in class. If students are absent they can watch the video online using this site.

3/24: Homework on Social Class, ch. 11
This assignment is due on Tues 3/30

3/19-3/20 Notes on Social Class in the US

3/19 Venkatesh and the Colbert interview
This is a link of an interview from with Sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh. While it is humorous it does discuss the methodologies used by Sociologists.

Born Rich video guide

3/12 Op Ed by David Brooks "The Power Elite"

Social Class Graph / Chart analysis
Completed in class on 3/10; discussed in class on 3/11.

Intro to Social Class Notes
taken in class on 3/9 and 3/10

Accelerated Assignment: Gans Reading on Poverty
While this is the assignment, the reading must be picked up from Ms. Santacroce.

Week 6 Notes: Sociology Methods

Assignment 2: Sociological Research
This assignment is due Wed, 3/3. Students will have class time on Fri, 2/26 to work on the assignment.

Soc. Research Project Materials: Note Taking Sheets
Students should take notes using these forms. These were handed out in class on Thurs. 2/25

Soc. Research Project Materials
These materials were presented in class on Thurs 2/25. Included are expectations, resources, and deadlines

2/19 Gender article (Philosophical Chairs Disc)

Unit I Exam Review

2/18 Symbolic Interaction Group Work

2/17 Audio Clip from Our America
This audio clip is from an interview with the two boys featured in Our America. Both boys grew up in the Ida B. Wells housing project in Chicago

Week 4 Notes: Sociological Theory
This is the final update of the theory notes

2/12 "Don't ask, don't tell" article
This article formed the basis for class discussion on 2/12.

2/11 Audio Clip
This audio clip provides a good basis for social conflict analysis.

2/10 Social Conflict Grp Work

Accelerated Assignment: W.E.B. Bois

Week 3 Notes: Sociological Theory
These are updated and include more information than the notes from week 2.

Apply Structural Functionalism: Group Activity
Students will work on this in class on Wed 2/3 and Thurs 2/4.

Week 2 Notes: Sociological Theory
These notes will be updated as the class works its way through the three main sociological theories.

Assignment, Unit I
This was assigned on Monday 2/1 and is due on Monday 2/8.

Week 1 Notes: Overview of the Social Sciences
This discussion was designed to help students understand how Sociology fit within the context of the social sciences.

Accelerated Option Information

Sociology Course Syllabus

Classroom Expectations