We Envision...
  • a Nicolet learning community that demonstrates a strong sense of competence and respect. 
  • a shared educational ownership that creates a spirit that encompasses all programs and extends beyond the school setting.
  • a cooperative sense of responsibility, infused throughout the campus, for everyone’s well-being.
  • a learning community where all members feel welcomed, valued, and respected. . .  where each student feels a personal connection to at least one faculty or staff member . . .   where students and parents understand and accept behavioral expectations. . .  and where, because a physically and emotionally safe environment is essential for learning, disciplinary matters are addressed through the use of logical consequences, and viewed as opportunities to teach appropriate behavior.    
  • a place where leadership is cultivated and nurtured within every facet of the learning community, thus allowing leaders to fashion an environment in which innovation and personal growth are supported through the use of best practices and collaboration.
  • a district where an authentic, engaging, rigorous, and standards-based curriculum is the foundation for learning and one that is charged with meeting the needs of various learning styles and abilities. It is a curriculum which is a living document developed collaboratively in an alliance between departments, the community, and the feeder schools, to best prepare students for success in the 21st century global society.
  • a school where faculty members create stimulating learning experiences utilizing contemporary educational methods, curricular development, and classroom management techniques and whose lessons incorporate individual experiences and emphasize real-world relevance. 
  • a climate where the staff motivates students to succeed by developing positive relationships and providing an innovative learning environment in which technological and creative learning resources are used to engage all students and where differentiated assessments are used to monitor and assist student learning through the use of clear goal setting and effective feedback.
  • a campus where information technology for exploration, research, and creative expression accelerates learning and one where students, faculty, staff, and community members have access to educational opportunities vis-à-vis the utilization of contemporary information resources and current, reliable technology. 
  • a site where communication tools are incorporated to include Nicolet families as full partners in the educational process.
  • a district where members of the learning community gather regularly to analyze data, monitor progress, celebrate successes, and communicate program effectiveness as well as to review and/or revise goals and action steps all the while constantly striving to improve and realize Nicolet High School’s shared vision of educational excellence.

    Revised:  November 28, 2007